Definitions of types of City of Portsmouth Events

  1. City Council Sponsored: This endorsement provides the producer of the event the following: reservation of date, chairs, tent and tables. These items are free of charge; however, other things like security, rental of venue, trash removal, and other accommodations are chargeable according to city code and per P.R.T. Members of City Council are afforded one event per year, per member and these events must be coordinated by the City Clerk.
  2. City Supported:  This endorsement provides the producer of the event the following: reservation of date, a partnership of support and
    collaboration to include creating awareness, promotional opportunities, accommodations and or discounts with regard to regularly chargeable commodities (i.e. security, insurance, rental of venue, chairs, tents, tables, show mobile, trash removal,etc.) These conceptual events must be submitted well in advance to be included in the budget process for partial City funding.  Please note: Charges apply with use of the Show mobile, and it can only be used on City property.
  3. City Sponsored: City sponsored events are events and activities that are solely produced and promoted by the City of Portsmouth. These events are funded entirely by the City of Portsmouth and are considered Signature Events. Some of the named City sponsored events are included in the City Code. Please check with the Events Manager for additional information.
  4. General Special Events on City Property: The City of Portsmouth recognizes that special events serve an important role in celebrating life in Portsmouth. The City of Portsmouth provides parks and open spaces to increase a sense of community, enhance quality of life for all citizens, contribute to a more livable and healthy community, and instill community spirit and pride.  If you would like to hold a special event on approved city property, you will need to complete the event application to start the process of approval.  These events may include, but are not limited to, musical performances, weddings, art shows, historic re-enactments, or any number of social occasions. General events are subject to all fees, insurance requirements, and other related policies regarding events on city property.